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Make-up Manual

For close to 30 years, Colour Me Beautiful have been the leading experts in the field of colour analysis and styling. Our worldwide team of highly trained and motivated consultants has groomed, cajoled and inspired women of all ages and from all walks of life to embrace colour into their lives.The greatest impact colour has is with make-up.

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make-up Manual

Get gorgeous with our NEW Make-up Manual! Discover  your best colour combinations and looks; apply great make-up every time.

Colour Me Slimmer

This Book is all about  gaining the confidence to dress with style and flair, while making the most of your attributes.

Full of advice  on clever dressing and showing you how to make the most of the ‘good’ bits and how to  work with the problem areas to create the wardrobe for a slimmer look.

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The one of our later addition to our publications available  on line or from  CMB consultants or the Shop / Studio

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  • Find out which colour combinations will make you look slimmer
  • Learn about the shapes that will flatter you
  • Understand  the importance of scale,proportion and posture
  • Wardrobe advice for your lifestyle
  • Getting the foundations right
  • Make up  make it your secret weapon

Real women demonstrate our tricks for a slimmer you

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Colour Me Beautiful

Colour Me Beautiful ( 2010 edition of colour me confident ). This style guide offers real advice for real women, backed by years of experience from the colour me beautiful team.

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It doesn’t matter what shape, size or age you are, you too can look great! Take 4 easy steps to a stunning, new and confident you!

  • Find out what colours are perfect for you.
  • Learn which shapes and fabrics will flatter you.
  • Discover your style personality and how to enhance it.
  • Add the finishing touches, with useful tips on make-up, hair, accessories and choosing the right wardrobe.

or Book yourself a full image consultation and have it all done for you.

image matters For Men

Most men would like help with what to wear, to learn what colours suit them and to find out how to choose the right outfit for each occasion.

Image Matters for Men includes tips on grooming, clothes care and accessories. It will show you how to dress to impress, and helps you learn how to look confident in an interview and relaxed and stylish for social occasionsimagemattersWhy not book an appointment  and make it all easy?

colour me younger

Packed with no nonsense advice for women who don’t want to look their age, Colour Me Younger will help you shed years from your looks. By assessing which colours work best for you, Colour Me Younger shows you how to dress from top to toe in the most flattering styles available.