Want to feel more confident about yourself?

Add a little colour to your life!

You can, just by discovering your best colours and styles, and  learn a few essential grooming tips.
Enjoy a Colour Analysis, Style Consultation or Makeup lesson in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

 colour me beautiful  ‘ we believe that everyone has the right to realise the full potential of their personal image.

That’s why we have developed a range of services designed and especially  for you to make the most of yourself.

We look at aspects such as colouring and body shape, as well as your personality, lifestyle and budget. we then advise you on how to achieve the image you really want.

All colour me beautiful image consultants will tailor their services to your individual requirements on a one-to-one basis in their studio or groups for parties. Group consultations can be arranged to take place in your home, any desired location or in Dublin. Visit our directory to find your nearest image consultant.

Whether you are seeking a personal colour analysis, a group style consultation a make-up lesson party or a bridal makeup consultation, all our services are delivered by a professional image consultant in a clear and easily understood manner.

We use our unique colour me beautiful cosmetics and our New magnetic colour box system means that our products are reusable, less wasteful and contain a much higher recyclable content than any other cosmetic brand. See our online shop for our full range.

All our consultations are flexible in both the content you wish to include and the time and budget available to devote to your image.


Virtual Colour Refresh Online

Has your hair colouring change? Does your skin tone look different? Do your colours not look as good as they used to? Do you feel your colour combinations are not working so well? Then it’s time for a COLOUR REFRESH! or COLOUR REFRESH PLUS!



Online CMB Direct Colour Test © Direct Colour Test Online©
Discover your COLOUR DOMINANT TYPE The newest way of defining your best colours online.
Simple, easy and effective.
Colour Palette included.

The makeup prescription will give you a full make-up in your best colours, the chance to learn your best cosmetic colours and tips on how to achieve the look to suit you.


Makeup Lesson


Learn how to best care for your skin, a fast and simple make-up routine for every day in make-up colours that suit you

* application tips for a longer-lasting look. Plus different make-up looks for special occasions.  Plus Personalized step by step workbook for your eyes with 2 looks! Get €20 back if you purchase over €55!



Duo Makeup Lesson Duo Makeup Lesson

A Makeup Lesson for two people.Learn how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively for an everyday look and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring and personality, with an advanced look for special occasions or nighttime. You take away a personalised workbook detailing all your advice, plus hints and tips to keep you looking your best.


Colour Analysis Colour Analysis Standard (36)

Takes aprox 90 minutes and includes makeup application for an everyday look, and we show you just how you should wear your colours for your particular colouring. You receive a wallet with 36 fabric swatches, notes on what colours work best for you plus notes and guidelines on the best colours for makeup for you to use. “live the experience now”

Colour Analysis Dominant (30)

Dominants only. Takes aprox 90 minutes and includes makeup application for an everyday look and we show you just how to wear your colours for your unique colouring. You receive a wallet with 30 fabric swatches, notes on what colours work best for you plus notes and guidelines on the best colours for makeup for you too use.

Full Image (36)

This Consultation is both a Colour Analysis and Style Consultation together.







be a beautiful bride - ConsulationPamper the bride with a gift package of a bridal image consultation.



Couples ColourCouples Colours

A Special for Him & Her A special date with a difference why not have the unique experience of having your colour done together.



Essentials Update
Style Update Sp/Su 17

This consultation designed for those who have had their Image (colour and/or style) done before and want to be brought up to date.

Personal Shopping
Personal Shopping

Spend An hour with your personal shopping consultant! What’s involved? We take you shopping and observe what you are drawn to we then show you what you can wear and what not to wear we can advise you on the best choices for your colour, style, body lines, personality, life-style and occasion Prices start FROM €70 depending on the consultant.

Mens Colour Analysis

Mens Colour Analysis

Mens Colour AnalysisThe Ideal gift Whether he’s building his career, about to retire, or needs help shopping. A colour consultation for men is the fist step towards a new image!