Is your style out of focus?

Do you know your style ?

By considering your body shape, personality and budget, a Style Consultation will help you select clothes and accessories that flatter your shape, make you look great and feel more confident.

When you know what styles suit you, shopping is faster, easier and you don’t waste money on clothes you never wear.

a style consultation show you how to:

  • avoid shopping disasters
  • select the most flattering styles for your body shape
  • achieve your best fit when buying clothes
  • express your personality through your wardrobe
  • develop a co-ordinated wardrobe for maximum usage
  • focus during shopping – reducing time and frustration
  • dress with confidence, whatever the occasion

session essentials

Understanding why particular styles, fabrics and patterns flatter your body shape more than others is just part of this consultation. The Style Consultation helps you get more value and flexibility out of your wardrobe so you look great and feel more confident.

We encourage clients to bring pieces of clothing from their own wardrobe to the consultation – some things you like, and some you don’t – so that you can see in practice what you have learnt duringĀ  your style consultation.

A detailed Style Workbook with personalized notes and advice is included in the consultation. You will leave more focused with the confidence of knowing what works for your personal style and how to choose the right clothes for you – no matter what shape, size or age you are.

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