rail-clothes1Shopping for clothes can be bewildering and intimidating.

Finding something fashionable, flattering and comfortable can be a major chore.

Discover how you can bring your colours & style to life in a personal shopping trip.

Let us show you how to focus your shopping with the colour me beautiful Personalised Shopping Service

What’s involved

  • we take you shopping  observe what you are drawn to
  • we then show you what to wear and what not to wear
  • we  advise you on the best choices for your colour, style, personality & lifestyle
  • a 2 hour personal shopping trip with a colormebeautiful consultant can have the basis of your wardrobe picked for a season

Our Personal Shopping service can be tailored to your individual needs – whether you need a “capsule wardrobe” for work, a fabulous outfit for a special occasion,  help getting your wedding party co-ordinated, or if you just want to be sure that what you’re buying will make you look your best.

Be confident in your wardrobe with our help.

A Personal Shopping trip can be added onto any of our services to make it all work.

We can also bring you shopping for glasses if you want help to find frames in shapes and colours to best suit you.

The minimum duration for a personal shopping trip is 1 hour. There are also special offers from time to time for two hours or more, just ask when you are booking your appointment.

Book your appointment by calling us on 01 679 8992