NEW consultation especially for you!

Designed to revisit you colouring

  • if you hair colour has changed
  • your eyes don’t look as bright or the same
  • you skin tone has altered
  • colours that used to look great on you don’t work as well anymore
  • you favourite lipstick has gone off the market
  • or you blusher doesn’t look right!

If you can say YES to any of these comments then it is time to revisit your colour palette and have a review.

time for a change and refresh you colours and enjoy the 60 minute consultation   Colour Review

You consultant will do a couple of colour tests and determine how much your colouring has altered or not .

She will determine if you need to purchase a new pallet or a couple of changes in your  fine-tuning colour cards.

She will give you a fresh up to-date makeup look to suit you as you are Now. You will start to look your best again.

The Colour Review consultation takes aprox one hour and sometimes it is just a matter of showing you different ways of wearing the colours you already have in you palette.


Style Refresh 

This consultation concentrating on the style aspect of your clothes for those who had their style consultation done, but  some time ago and fashion maybe your shape has changed  and you want to look current.

Style Refresh (B)

A new consultation designed for those who have had a abbreviated style consultation previously and would like to know more.

To book you appointment please call you nearest consultation directly:

Please note we still do the Essential ‘Update which includes a little on style, colour & makeup. this is found under our services for women.