Style Refresh

This 90 minute consultation  concentrates on Refreshing  your style, your  image,  when you feel you want more help  on the type of clothes that make the  best of your figure.

We look at you and your garments objectively, showing you how to make the most of  your best features  in clothes that flatter,  and how to distract from those that you feel don’t.

This brand new consultation is designed to keep you looking current but:

  • Save  money
  • Save time
  • Utilize your existing wardrobe yet have fewer clothes but more outfits
  • Eliminate those expensive mistakes
  • Eliminate the wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear
  • Give your wardrobe a makeover and invest in yourself

this consultation is designed for those who had a  abbreviated style  or Power Colour Image  done already but some time ago. Or those whose shape has altered since having their  original Style consultation

  • Perhaps feel they need more guidelines
  • Find that some clothes that looked great in the shop but not on them
  • Want to look appropriate but current (or in fashion)
  • Want more details like knowing what necklines suits you best or  what’s your best skirt length, works best for you as you are now ?

Available all year round 

Remember just because it’s in Fashion doesn’t  mean  it will suit you!!

terms and conditions apply